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"Just about one year ago we purchased a pull behind 10 ft GrassWorks weed wiper. The process and delivery was just as expected—excellent. We had been experiencing a massive invasion of our pastures by Vasey grass. After developing our pastures over the years and planting Durana clover, we had few options to eradicate this grass without killing all the grass, clover and weeds by massive and expensive spraying. It was getting worse each year. Despite my making a homemade tractor mounted wick that offered poor control, all of our efforts failed. Late last year after reading and studying options I purchased the wiper and  wiped every pasture. This year, well into weed season, it is almost totally gone – I saw a few sprigs of Vasey grass.  Totally amazing! I also used it on smut grass, and Johnsongrass with excellent results. The associated pictures show what happened shortly after application with weed wiper.  One final note, the cost of the herbicide was minimal. I learned that by adding Gator Gold Foam maker to the wiper liquid I could easily see foam adhering to the grasses where I had wiped so the passes were well controlled and accurate without guesswork and over application. I recommend this device to anyone wanting to gain control of weeds efficiently, economically and effectively (the 3 Es)."

Thank you GrassWorks!

- Bill from Georgia

     “At the Institute for White-tailed Deer Management & Research, Stephen F. Austin State University, we have conducted landmark research on whitetails and habitat management for four decades. Milestones of our research include the development of infrared-triggered cameras, the first food plot research (including plant variety protection), deer genetics, artificial deer breeding, electric fencing to control deer, landscaping for whitetails and many more. An important aspect of our food plot research has involved the use of herbicides to control unwanted vegetation. Needless to say, deer managers and private landowners are eager to find chemicals and equipment which are easy to use, economical and effective. When we discovered the Weed Wiper and its many uses, it was the answer to many management problems. The equipment is incredibly well-built, durable and easy to use under the difficult challenges to raising crops for deer in the woods. We have found none better and give the GrassWorks Weed Wiper an A+ rating - and we do not give that grade often!”

- Dr. James C. Kroll, Director 

“We farm about 1200 acres of soybeans and about 1000 acres of cotton in and around Risco, Missouri. Due to Palmer pigweeds and drought conditions, we were paying up to $20.00 per acre and weeds were returning. We purchased the GrassWorks Weed Wiper and found that one man and one tractor could cover more ground. The tool does an excellent job saving time & fuel and the weeds don’t return.”

- Kevin in Missouri

"Purchased the GrassWorks Weed Wiper to get kill Nut Grass in our Bermuda hayfields. The results were very successful in killing out the Nut Grass and other broadleaf weeds. We found the chemical savings/acre was tremendous. We are planning on using the unit in the spring for killing Italian Rye in our hayfields. We also were very successful in controlling Pensacola Bahia in our Bermuda grass hayfields using the GrassWorks Weed Wiper. I highly recommend this method of weed control for excellent results and huge chemical savings.”

- Lee - Hay Operation in Alabama

“Smut, and I don't mean the x-rated kind. I spent many months of time, labor, dollars, and a chemical trying to kill this stuff, which absorbs fertilizer, moisture, and minerals my good grass needs to feed my herd. The [GrassWorks Weed Wiper™] not only cut my time and expenses by 75% on the smut alone, but enabled many more acres to be covered, better grass production, and you know what that means. Disking would halt it, but the expense is prohibitive, has to be repeated, and destroys the good grasses, and mulch in the soil pan. With the [GrassWorks Weed Wiper™] there is no drift and no waste.”

-Alan M. - Beaumont, TX

“I was leery at first and had tried everything to get rid of the johnson grass, and the GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ works great. Everyone else around me has johnson grass, but the GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ took care of mine”

- Larry, Horse Pasture

   “We use the GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ on our food plots. it saves us a lot of time and money, especially with the chemicals. The GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ works great - we love it!”

- John, hunt club

    “The GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ is a lot cheaper than the regular way and you get a lot of the weeds that you can't get withother applications.”

- Troy, perennial peanuts

   “We've had excellent results from the GrassWorks Weed Wiper™. We use the Pull-Type unit with our ATV. It's saved us a lot of chemical.”

- Richard, hay farmer

“We have a family farm with around 1800 acres of cotton. The pigweed was our most severe nuisance. After spending thousands of dollars on chopping, we decided to purchase the GrassWorks Weed Wiper. The Weed Wiper works great and usually with one wipe, the weeds are under control. We have started using it on turn rows also to keep the weeds from returning to the field. We found that for the applications we use it for, it paid for itself within the first year and is an excellent tool for our farming practices.”

         -Larry in Missouri

         “The GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ works great - we rent the Contractor/Rental Unit to our local farmers. They are very pleased with the results and durability of the unit. Different rental applictions we have used the GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ in is controlling johnsongrass and pigweed in hay and pasture, truck farming in watermelon and cantalope fields and sweet potatoes to mention a few.”

       - Tim - Cullman County SWCD; Cullman, AL

   “The GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ works great in our sweet potatoes and other row crop applications. Currently using a 30' rigid unit, but because the chemical resistant pigweed acreage is quickly increasing, we feel the new 40' flex unit will work even better.”

- White Hersh Farm - NC

“I have a 60 acre farm and use the GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ in my hayfields to manage johnsongrass. Not only did I have excellent kill of the johnsongrass, I really liked the fact that I had no drip or no drifting issues. My kill results were very good, the unit works very good and I'd highly recommend this weed management system.”

- Mike - Hay and Pasture, KY

   “We've used the wick applicators in our operation and could not kill smut grass. We purchased a GrassWorks Weed Wiper™ 3-pt tractor-mount unit in 2008 and have had very good success in killing and managing our smut grass problem. We let our cattle graze the smut grass when it is young and tender, in the early spring. When the smut grass starts getting tough and is still green, we start wiping with the GWWW. We also have been very successful wiping noxious weeds in our perennial peanuts and other hay and pasture fields.”

-Wes C. - Ranching Operation in Southern FL

“The Grassworks Weed Wiper™ has much more strength and more durability over the imported rotating weed wiper models that I have used on the university farm. I feel it is very the important to support U.S.A. manufacturers & appreciate the availability of US components, if necessary, for our machinery.”

- Robert R. Forage, Research Farm Manager, Major Land Grant University, U.S.A.

   “We have used the GrassWorks Weed Wiper for two seasons with excellant results. It kills all weeds that it touches.”

- David - GA Cotton Farmer

“We use the GrassWorks Weed Wiper in our hay operation with excellant results wiping out johnsongrass and pigweed in our bermudagrass hay fields.”

- Dennis - GA Hay Producer


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